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We are proud to honour Madiba and the Clan accepting young Mandla Mandela as a new and junior to Zwelibanzi Dalindyebo,the Kings of the AbaThembu, one of six of Kings of the AmaXhosa Nation of the Eastern Capa Province of South Africa

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April 17, 2007

A lion skin for the chief as grandson of Mandela reclaims title

Nelson Mandela beamed yesterday as he watched Mandla, his grandson, invested with the royal chieftainship due him by blood and custom but stripped from the Mandela family nine decades ago by South Africa’s British colonial rulers.

The colourful ceremony was mainly in honour of the increasingly frail Mr Mandela, 88, who was walking with the aid of a stick and supported by his wife Graça and aides. But he waived his right to the restored kingship of his home village of Mvezo, in favour of his 33-year-old grandson.

Mandla Mandela was draped in a lion skin by Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, 42, king of the Thembu clans and one of the six kings of the Xhosa people, at the ceremony in the tiny village in the Transkei.

As preparations were begun to slaughter ten oxen to feed the guests, Patekile Holomisa, head of South Africa’s congress of traditional leaders, said: “This is really Nelson’s position but because of his advanced age it was decided that the honour would be bestowed on his successor.”

Mandla Mandela, who last week graduated with a degree in political science from Rhodes University, can now arbitrate disputes and try certain minor criminal and civil cases.

His powers, while mainly ceremonial, exceed those of a backbench member of the British House of Lords. “He is the link between the king, the ancestors and his people,” Mr Holomisa said.

However, according to the Port Elizabeth Herald, some claim that the restoration ceremony is a ploy to repair the damage to the tribe’s reputation done by charges faced by King Dalindyebo over 35 counts of murder, incitement to murder, kidnapping, extortion and arson.

King Dalindbeyo, whose trial has dragged on for more than a year, is alleged to have ordered his bodyguards to beat to death an 18-year-old youth. Three others came close to death after they were allegedly beaten with sjamboks — whips made from rhino leather.

They told the court that they had been summoned to a hut at King Dalindbeyo’s “great place”, forced to strip naked and lie face down as the King and his men assaulted them.

Mandla Mandela is the son of Makgatho Mandela, Nelson’s son who suffered from Aids and died two years ago. Nelson Mandela was born in Mvezo in July 1918 to a former chief of the Thembu royal tribe and given the Xhosa name Rolihlahla, meaning “trouble-maker”.

Soon after Rolihlahla was born, his father, Gadla, was deposed as chief by the British after he refused a summons to appear before a local magistrate with the words “Andizi, ndisaqula,” (“I will not come, I am still girding for battle”). Rolihlahla should have succeeded to the Thembu chieftainship, but he renounced the leadership to become a lawyer and fight apartheid.

“This is about the returning of our dignity and the restoring of our history,” said King Dalindyebo, amid drumming and ululating from hundreds of guests including tribal royalty from across the country.

Mandla Mandela said that his priority as chief would be to push for education and employment. “There are no jobs around here. People used to be reliant on agriculture. Now most rely on government grants,” he said.

Rule home

1809 Ngubenguka, ancestor of Nelson Mandela, rules Mvezo

1835 Harry Smith, British military commander, begins the subjugation of the area

early 1900s Henry Mandela, father of Nelson, is deposed as head of the Mvezo Traditional Council

1934 Initiation ceremony for Nelson Mandela, who later renounces his claim in order to become a lawyer and fight apartheid

2007 Mandla Mandela takes up position as head of Mvezo Traditional Council

Source: sahistory.org.za

Mandela's grandson reclaims traditional leadership role

POSTED: 10:47 a.m. EDT, April 16, 2007

Story Highlights

• Mandla Mandela officially installed as head of the Mvezo Traditional Council
• Nelson Mandela renounced the role decades ago to fight apartheid
• First time in nearly 70 years that Mandela's family holds traditional leadership role
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MVEZO, South Africa (AP) -- Former South African President Nelson Mandela beamed Monday as he watched his grandson reclaim a traditional leadership post that Mandela had renounced decades ago to become a lawyer and dedicate his life to fighting apartheid.

Mandla Mandela, 32, was draped in a lion skin, the symbol of royalty, and officially installed as head of the Mvezo Traditional Council by the king of the AbaThembu, Zwelibanzi Dalindyebo, one of six kings of the Xhosa people.

"This is about the returning of our dignity and the restoring of our history," said Dalindyebo, amid drumming and ululating from hundreds of well-wishers, including tribal royalty from across the country, most of them clad in brightly colored traditional dress and beaded headdresses.

It was the first time in nearly 70 years that a member of Mandela's family from the Madiba clan took up the mantle of traditional leadership. Mandla Mandela, who graduated from Rhodes University's political science program last week, now has the power to decide disputes and try certain criminal and civil cases.

"He is the link between the king, the ancestors and his people," said Patekile Holomisa, head of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa.

Mandla Mandela told reporters his 88-year-old grandfather had expressed concern about disappointing his king when he renounced his claim to the role, but today was pleased "to see his father's chieftaincy restored in his lifetime."

Nelson Mandela's father, Henry, had been deposed in the early 1900s after he defied a summons from a local magistrate.

The anti-apartheid icon has been cutting back on his public role in recent years. Monday, dressed in a black and white animal print shirt, he walked with difficulty up the stairs but otherwise looked in good health and in radiant spirits as he delivered a short speech in Xhosa in a firm voice. He smiled broadly and waved to the crowd.

In a statement before the ceremony, Mandla Mandela said he looked forward to his office with "respect, pride and passion."

Mandla Mandela's father Makgatho, Nelson Mandela's last surviving son, died in 2005 of AIDS-related complications.

His mother, Rayne Mandela-Perry, said her late husband would have been proud to see his son carry on the family legacy.

"This is really Nelson's position but because of his advanced age it was decided that the honor would be bestowed on his successor," Holomisa said.

The ceremony, known as ubeko or anointment, took place amid gale force winds and swirling dust storms at the Mvezo Great Place, the seat of the Mandela house.

Set in the Transkei, the picturesque Xhosa homeland with its rolling hills and turquoise huts, the ceremony was a colorful affair with at least 10 oxen slaughtered for the guests' enjoyment.

South Africa, with its 11 official languages, has a multitude of ethnic people and groupings and traditional ties are strong especially in rural areas.

"I will be living among my people and I look forward to assisting with the numerous challenges that we face including social, poverty and health issues," Mandla Mandela said in the statement.

The country's Constitution protects traditional laws and customs, and Houses of Traditional Leaders act in an advisory capacity to the government.

"Monarchy and tribal leadership have a substantial role to play in the continued democratization of the country and I am thankful that this role will allow me an opportunity to follow in my grandfather's footsteps," Mandla Mandela said.

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Madiba's grandson to be traditional leader

April 07 2007 at 09:33AM

By Sarah Lockwood

The mantle of traditional leadership that was cast aside by Nelson Mandela when he dedicated his life to fighting for democracy will soon be passed on to his grandson, Mandla Mandela, at a grand ceremony in the Eastern Cape.

The ceremony, on April 16 at the Mvezo Great Place in Mthatha, will be led by King Zwelibanzi Buyelekhaya Dalinyebo and will install Zwelivelile Mandlesizwe (Mandla) Dalibhunga Mandela as the head of the Mvezo Traditional Council in the Kingdom of abaThembu.

It will be the first time in nearly 70 years that a member of the Madiba clan has taken on the responsibilities of traditional leadership, which were dropped when Nelson Mandela renounced his claim to the chieftainship in order to become a lawyer.

His father, Chief Henry Mandela, had himself been deposed of his chieftaincy status in the early 1900s after he defied a magistrate who had summoned him.

In an official statement released last week, Mandla said he was honoured to accept the responsibilities of traditional leadership and intended to represent his family with pride.

"I am relishing the prospect of being a custodian of the abaThembu custom and I look forward to this position with respect, pride and passion," he said.

The 32-year-old is currently studying political science at Rhodes University and is due to graduate on April 13.

"Monarchy and tribal leadership have a substantial role to play in the continued democratisation of the country and I am thankful that this role will allow me an opportunity to follow in [my grandfather's] footsteps," said Mandla, the eldest son of the late Makatho Mandela, who died in January 2005.

"I am also particularly proud that he will be able to share in this historic moment as this reinstatement is a tribute to his contribution to the abaThembu people."

    • This article was originally published on page 8 of The Star on April 07, 2007

abaTHEMBU (Tribe)

TITLE: Inkosi Enkhulu RELIGION:
STATE: South Africa DYNASTY: amaDlomo (amaHala)

PRESENT RULER: Inkosi Enkhulu BUYELEKHAYA [Buyelekhaya Zwelinbanzi Dalindyebo] 2006/-
born 1964, married (sep'd.), Queen Noluntu, regent of the abaThembu bakaDalindyebo.
  • Inkosi Enkhulu HALA
  • Inkosi Enkhulu MADIBA (son)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu THATO (son)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu ZONDWA (son) -/1756
  • Inkosi Enkhulu NDABA (son) 1756/1800
  • Inkosi Enkhulu NGUBENCUKA VUSANI (son) 1800/1830, born about 1790 in Thembuland, married (amongst others) as his Great Wife Nonesi, born about 1815, daughter of King Faku of the Pondo, died 1880 in Palmerton and had issue. He died 10th August 1830 near Clarkeburg in Thembuland (#1).
    • Inkosi Enkhulu MTHIKRAKRA, eldest son of the Right Hand Hut (qv)
    • Inkosi JOYI (ex Nonesi?)(qv)
    • Inkosi SIMAKADE, eldest son of the Left Hand Hut, had issue.
      • Inkosi NCAMANA
    • Inkosi MBAMBONDUNA
    • Inkosi MANDELA (ex Left Hand Hut), Chief of Mvezo, had issue.
      • Chief Henry Gadla Mphakanyiswa Mandela, Chief of Mvezo, married 4 times including (a) Nonqaphi Fanny Nosekeni, daughter of Nkedama of the Mpemvu Xhosa clan, died September 1968, married 4thly, Nodayimani and had issue, 4 sons and 9 daughters. He died 1930.
        • Nelson Rholihlahla MandelaNelson Rohlihlahla Mandela, born 18th July 1918 at Mvezo on the Mbashe River, educated at Clarkebury, then Healdtown in 1937, then Fort Hare till 1939, circumcised in 1934 receiving the name Dalibhunga, "Maker of Parliament", completed his BA degree at the end of 1942 and graduated at Fort Hare in 1943, enrolled for a law degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, and in 1952 he opened his own law office in partnership with Oliver Tambo, President of South Africa 1994/1999, married 1stly, 1944 (div. 1957), Evelyn Ntoko Mase, born 1922, died 30th April 2004, married 2ndly, 14th June 1958 (div. 1992), Winifred Nomzano Zanyiwe Madikizela, born 26th September 1934 at Bizana, married 3rdly, 18th July 1998, Graça Simbine (widow of Samora Machel of Mozambique), born 1945, President of the Foundation for Community Development in Mozambique and, since 1999, the fifth Chancellor of the University of Cape Town in South Africa, served as the Minister of Education for the Government of Mozambique 1983/1989; and has issue.
          • Thembekile Madiba Mandela, born 1945, had issue. He died July 1969.
            • Ndileka Mandela
            • Nandi Mandela
          • Makaziwe Mandela, died 1948 aged 9 months.
          • Makgatho Lewanika Mandela, born 26th June 1950, married 1stly (div.) Ann Moseshla, married 2ndly, Zondi, born 1957, died 13th July 2003 at Soweto, and had issue. He died 6th January 2005.
            • Mandla Mandela (by 1st marriage), born 1974.
            • Ndaba Mandela (by 2nd marriage), born 1983.
            • Mbuso Mandela (by 2nd marriage), born 1991.
            • Andile Mandela (by 2nd marriage), born 1993.
          • Dr. Pumla Makaziwe Mandela, born 1954, married and has issue.
            • Tukwini
            • Dumani, born 24th November 1976.
            • Kweku
          • Zenani Mandela, born 5th February 1959, married 1973, HRH Prince Thumbumuzi Dlamini of Swaziland, and has issue.
          • Zindziswa Mandela, born 1960, married 1stly, Johannes Seakamela, married 2ndly, and has issue.
            • Zaleka Seakamela, born 1980.
            • Zondwa Seakamela
            • Gadaffi Hlongwane, born 1985.
        • Mabel Notancu Ntimakhwe
        • Constance Mbekeni Mandela
        • Daligqili Mandela, died 1930's
        • Mhlalwa Mandela
        • Baliwe Mandela
        • Makhutswana Mandela
        • Nomabandla Mandela
        • Leabie Philiso Mandela, born 1930, died 3rd February 1997.
    • Nohuthe (f), married Inkosi Enkhulu Sarili of the amaGcaleka, and had issue. She died before 1857.
  • Inkosi FADANA 1830/1845 (Regent), son of Paramount Chief Ndaba.
  • Inkosi Enkhulu MTHIKRAKRA 1845/1849, born 1819 in Transkei, married (amongst others) Notasi, daughter of Inkosi Enkhulu MYEKI of the amaMpondomise, and had issue. He died 1849 in Quluqa, Engcobo District (#2).
    • Inkosi Enkhulu NGANGELIZWE QEYA (by Notasi) (qv)
    • Inkosi MATANZIMA, had issue.
      • Inkosi MTHETHO
      • Inkosi MVUZO, had issue.
        • Inkosi Dalubuhle Matanzima
        • Inkosi Mhlobo Mvuzo Matanzima, Chief of Emigrant Thembuland, married Mogedi, and had issue. He died 1932 (#6 p.3).
          • Nkosi Kaiser Dailwonga Matanzima, born 15th June 1915 in Qamata, St Mark's District (#6 p.1), entered school at the age of seven and in 1930 he was sent to school at Lovedale. He moved on to Fort Hare University College, where he passed the matriculation examination in 1936, and in 1939 graduated with a BA in Roman Law and Political Science from the University of South Africa, the first South African chief to be awarded a university degree, commenced work with a firm of attorneys in Umtata in 1940, appointed Chief of the amaHala clan of Thembu in St Mark's district in June 1940, appointed by the South African government to the United Transkeian Territories General Council (the Bunga) in 1942, but regarding it as "obsolete" he resigned in 1944, later he was made "permanent Regional Chief of the Emigrant Thembu districts of St Marks and Xalanga" (not just, as formerly, chief of the amaHala in Emigrant Thembuland). He rejoined the Bunga in 1955 and his status was further enhanced to Paramount Chief under the Promotion of Bantu Self-Government Act of 1959, Chairman of the Transkeian Territorial Authority in 1961, Chief Minister of Transkei 1963/1976, Prime Minister of Transkei 1976/1979 and President of Transkei 1979/1986, married 1stly 1940, Inkosazana Dade Sangoni, born 1923, sister to the late Chief Cranmer Zingisa Sangoni and daughter of the late Chief Xolilizwe Sangoni, married 2ndly, 1954, Nozuko Jayinja, married 3rdly, married 4thly, and had issue. He died 15th June 2003 at the Frontier Hospital in Queenstown, Eastern Cape, buried 22nd June 2003 at Qamata Great Place.
            • Nkosi Mthetho Matanzima (by Princess Dade), educated at Fort Hare, passing his law examination in 1968, Chief of the Noqayti Region 1969/1972, married and had issue, 1 son. He died 1972 (#6 p.14).
              • Nkosi Lwandile Zwelenkosi Matanzima, born about 1970, King designate of Western Thembuland [abaThembu baseRhoda], married 2004 at Qamata Great Place, Princess Gcinile Dlamini, born about 1985, daughter of HRH Prince Sipho Dlamini of Swaziland.
            • Camagwini Matanzima (by Princess Dade), married (div.), Prince Madikizela, and has issue, 5 children.
              • Msuthukazi Madikizela
              • Nyameka Madikizela
              • Mfihlakalo Madikizela (+)
              • Zoliswa Madikizela
              • Amandla Madikizela
            • Nkosi Qabukile Solami Matanzima, born c1967, LL.B., Attorney, died sp 12th May 2001 at Khayelitsha, buried 20th May at Qamata.
            • Nkosi Bukosi Matanzima, born August 1973.
            • Malibongwe Matanzima (f)
            • Nobuntu Nophakamisa Matanzima (f), married Chief Gobizizwe Mditshwa of the amaMpondomise (+).
            • Bukelwa Nolizwe Matanzima (f), married 16th December 1995, iNkosi Patekile Sango Holomisa, Chief of the amaHegebe and has issue.
            • Nkosi Pinky Matanzima, married and has issue.
              • Yolanda Matanzima, born c1980, married 2002, Zolani Mkiva of the amaMiya, born 1972, praise singer to Nelson Mandela, Chief Executive Officer of the Xhosa Royal Council.
          • Nkosi George Mzimvubu Matanzima, born 1918, Prime Minister of Transkei 1979/1987, married Nowethu, died 1995 and had issue. He died 10th November 2000 in Queenstown, buried 25th November 2000 in Cofimvaba, Transkei.
            • Nkosi Qaqambile Matanzima, married Inkosazana Nontuthuzelo Nomonde Gwadiso of the AmaMpondo Tribe and has issue, two sons.
              • Nkosi Zweliyaduma Langalivelile Matanzima
              • Nkosi Anele Matanzima
            • Nkosi Mfundo Matanzima
          • Nkosi Ngangomhlaba Matanzima, Chairman of the Eastern Cape Traditional House of Chiefs.
    • Inkosi SIGUNAGATHI
  • Inkosi JOYI 1849/1863 (Regent)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu NGANGELIZWE QEYA 1863/1884, born 1840, married Novili Nomkafulo and had issue. He died 31st December 1884 in Thembuland (#3).
    • Inkosi Enkhulu DALINDYEBO ALAVA (qv)
    • Inkosi SILIMELA (qv)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu DALINDYEBO ALAVA 1884/1920, born 1865, married (amongst others) Nohajisi, daughter of Makhaula of the Venda, and had issue. He died 22nd April 1920 in Matyengqina, Umtata (#3a).
    • Inkosi Enkhulu JONGELIZWE SAMPU (qv)
    • Inkosi JONGINTABA [David Jongintaba Dalindyebo] (qv)
    • Inkosi MELIGQILI
    • Inkosi MPONDOMBINI
    • Inkosi MELITHAFA
    • Inkosi Enkhulu DABULAMANZI (qv)
    • Princess Norrie Dalindyebo, married Inkosi Nelton Mabandla of the amaBhele. She died in the 1940's.
  • Inkosi SILIMELA 1920/1924 (Regent)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu JONGELIZWE SAMPU 1924/1928, born 1902, married (amongst others) Novothi, and had issue. He died 6th July 1928 of enteric fever.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu SABATA (ex Novothi)(qv)
    • Inkosi Nxeko Dalindyebo
    • Inkosi BAMBILANGA (qv)

  • Inkosi JONGINTABA [David Jongintaba Dalindyebo] 1928/1942 (Regent), married No England, died after 1960 and had issue. He died 19th August 1942.
    • Justice Mambilang Mtirara, born 1914 (#4), married Nozolile (Mtirara), and had issue.
      • Lulama Mtirara
      • Zonwabele Mtirara
      • Nokhwezi Mtirara
      • Mlungiseleli Mtirara
      • Lindelwa Mtirara
      • Nomnqophiso Mtirara.
    • Princess Nomafu Mtirara

  • Inkosi DABULAMANZI 1942/1954 (Regent)
  • Inkosi Enkhulu SABATA [Sabata Jonguhlanga Dalindyebo] 1954/1980 (deposed), born 25th November 1928, educated in a school in Qhumanco and later transferred to Clarkebury, then transferred to Lovedale late in 1945, and after only six months moved on to Healdtown, his stay at Healdtown was curtailed by his expulsion "for having cut telephone wires and leading a strike", he underwent initiation in 1948, at which time he was given the name Jonguhlanga, "Watch the Country", installed as Paramount Chief of the Thembu on 30 June 1954, married (amongst others) No Moscow and had issue. He died 1986 in Lusaka, Zambia, re-buried 1989 in South Africa.
    • Inkosi Enkhulu BUYELEKHAYA (qv)
    • Princess Ndileka Dalindyebo, married c1986 (traditional) and 29th October 1999 in Bumbane (civil) Prince Melika Dlamini of the Swazi Royal Family.
  • Inkosi BAMBILANGA [Albert Bambilanga Mtirara Dalindyebo] 1980/1987, married (amongst others), daughter of Chief Mditshwa of the amaMpondomise, and had issue. He died 1987
    • Inkosi ZONDWA (qv)
    • Inkosi Zwelodumo Ndaba Mtirara (by daughter of Mditshwa), local traditional leader.
      • Prince Litha Mtirara
      • Princess Nompumelelo Mtirara
      • Princess Sphila Mtirara
      • Princess Ntandekazi Mtirara
      • Princess Zizipho Mtirara
    • Inkosi Ntando Mtirara

  • Inkosi ZONDWA [Zondwa Mtirara] 1987/1989, born 25th March 1950 (#5), former Transkei Defence Force Army General, married and has issue, 4 sons and 1 daughter. He died July 2005
    • Inkosi Mfundo Bovulengwa Mtirara, born 25th March 1973, Acting Deputy Paramount Chief 2000/-, Chief of the Matye'ngqina Traditional Authority Area, married (civil) 6th December 2002 in St John's Anglican Cathedral in Umtata and (traditional) 7th December at the Thembu Great Place near Qunu, Princess Nandi Zulu, eldest daughter of King Goodwill Zwelethini and Queen Buthle of kwaZulu.
    • Princess Bathembukazi Mtirara
  • Inkosi Enkhulu BUYELEKHAYA [Buyelekhaya Zwelinbanzi Dalindyebo] 1989/2000 and 2006/-, born 1964, married (sep'd.), Queen Noluntu, regent of the abaThembu bakaDalindyebo.
  • Queen Noluntu 2000/- (Regent for her husband while he is away studying).
  • Inkosi Jonginyaniso Mtirara -/- (Regent)
  • Inkosi Jongisizwe Dalindyebo -/2006 (Regent)
  • Chief Sebenzani Edward Matanzima
  • Chief Jackson Dabulamanzi Matanzima
  • Chief Vulindlela Matanzima, married and had issue.
    • Daughter, married Chief Jongilizwe Tyhali of the amaMpondomise.
  • Maj.-Gen. Temba Templeton Matanzima, aged 45 at 10-6-1998
  • Chief Buntu Sabata
  • Chief Manzezulu Mtirara, cousin of Nkosi K.D.Matanzima, Chief in the Lady Frere District, married (a) Noqhubile, (b) Noluntu and had issue, 9 children. He died January 2002 in Queenstown aged 77, buried 9th February 2002 in Gqebenya Administration Area near Lady Frere.


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Mandela marries, ignoring "taboo" warning


THE QUNU village home of former president Nelson Mandela was a hive of activity over the weekend as his eldest grandson Mandla Mandela married his sweetheart Thando Mabunu in a stylish two-day affair.

Yesterday, about a thousand guests - both local and international - witnessed a traditional Xhosa wedding marked by song and dance near the family kraal.

Most of the guests, excluding the elder Mandela who was in one of his trademark "Madiba shirts", sported their traditional gear, which ranged from colourful Xhosa and Swazi dress to west African attire.

Even people of European descent donned African traditional gear, as they watched and listened to the competing traditional dancing and singing groups from the brides and groom's families and communities.

Mandela's wife Graça Machel, his longtime friend and lawyer George Bizos, amaMpondo King Mpondombini Sigcau, Queen Bongolwethu Ndamase and AbaThembu King Lwandile Matanzima sat in one tent, which faced the open space used as a ground for song and dance.

The traditional wedding started with a ritual called uTyiso Lwamasi that saw the slaughtering of a goat, some of whose meat was fed to the bride with sour milk.

Elderly women from the Madiba clan went into a rondavel with the bride, where the ritual was performed, and emerged to announce her new name, Nodayimane.

The groom's entourage, led by Mandla and his cousin Xolani Mandela, both on horseback, left the homestead and went to the Southern Hill kraal of Mandela's farm in Qunu. It is at the entrance of the kraal where the bride, whose entourage followed the groom's, stabbed the family spear into the ground as a sign of acceptance as a wife of the Madiba clan.

Ululation, song, dance and praise singing followed as the spear stood still, a sign that the ancestors had accepted the bride.

This was in spite of reservations and even comment by an imbongi (praise poet) that the marriage between Mandla and Thando was taboo in that they are both from the Madiba clan, but from different houses.

After the stabbing of the spear the entourage of the groom and the bride took turns singing and dancing to the delight of those who attended, including Graça Machel who joined the dancing at one stage.

Then the proceedings moved to one of the three big air-conditioned marquees where gifts were presented. Journalists and uninvited guests were barred from entering.

On Saturday, journalists were expelled from the yard in which the church wedding was taking place for taking photographs without a contract with the family.

Some journalists, including those who came from as far as Johannesburg, went closer to take pictures of the bride and groom. Mandla became upset and sent an SMS to a family friend identified as Pat to "politely let the journalists out of the premises".

Luxury vehicles delivered high profile people including all the Eastern Cape kings except AbaThembu King and Mandela's nephew Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo.

Dalindyebo, who was on the programme, also missed Mandela's son Makgatho Mandela's funeral where he was also supposed to speak.

Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini was represented by his daughters, one of whom is married to Mandela's nephew, Chief Mfundo Mtirara.

President Thabo Mbeki arrived with Eastern Cape Premier Nosimo Balindlela, but left to continue electioneering after about 20 minutes.

UDM president Bantu Holomisa was the programme director.

Bezoek Nelson Mandela aan Nederland

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Record no. 34733. Date: 01-08-98 Source: DOK. 3.1 Number of pages: 2

Tradities botsen met grondwet van Zuid-Afrika: eeuwenoude gebruiken in Zuid-Afrika als de lobola (bruidschat) staan op gespannen voet met moderne westerse gebruiken. Zelfs Mandela betaalde 60 koeien voor zijn bruid Graça. [Volkskrant]

Record no. 34720. Date: 20-07-98 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 5

Sel. Nederlandse krantenart. 18-20/7/98 over het huwelijk van Nelson Mandela met Graça Machel
(inkl. profiel Graça Machel). [Volkskrant, NRC]

Record no. 34066. Date: 17-07-98 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 20

Nelson Mandela: the President's 80th birthday celebrations – Independent Newspapers special with articles, photographs, cartoons, etc. on/of Nelson Mandela; incl. 'My hero, my friend' – special essay by Ahmed Kathrada with his personal recollections of his life-time friend (p.3-9).

Record no. 35087. Date: 21-04-98 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 1

Mandela reaches the end of his rainbow: leaving South Africa after five years there, Alec Russell reports on the fading glory of its ageing president. [Daily Telegraph, UK]

Record no. 33224. Date: 08-02-98 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 2

At 79 Mandela in love and 'blooming like a flower' (on his love affair with Graça Machel) + Mandela cautions ANC against arrogance when he steps down (both from recent interview with Nelson Mandela at SABC television). [SAPA]

Record no. 33776. Date: 13-01-98 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 4

Graça Machel talks of herself and her Madiba (her relationship with Nelson Mandela). [Star online]

Record no. 31480. Date: 23-12-97 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 13

Sel. Nederlandse krantenart. 13-23/12/97 over ANC-congres in Mafikeng: verslagen & commentaren m.b.t. algemeen (politiek) resultaat congres, verkiezing nieuw bestuur en nieuwe partij leider Thabo Mbeki, positie Winnie Mandela, afscheidsspeech president Nelson Mandela, achtergronden, etc.
[Volkskrant, Gelderlander, NRC, Trouw, Parool]

Record no. 31552. Date: 20-12-97 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 4

Address by Nelson Mandela to the closing session of the 50th national conference of the ANC in Mafikeng, 16-20/12/97 (farewell speech to the ANC membership).

Record no. 32429. Date: 00-11-97 Source: Southern Africa Report, Vol.13, No.1 Page: 16/17

Testament for the First Accused Nelson Mandela for the Twenty-seven Years: poem by Ghanaian writer and activist Abena Busia written immediately after Nelson Mandela's release from prison in February 1990.

Record no. 30707. Date: 18-07-97 Source: Mail & Guardian, Business Mail Page: B6-7

Magic man still at the top: Gaye Davis looks back on past three-and-a-half years of Mandela as president (how he works , some mistakes in foreign contacts, reconciliation policies, etc.). At the occasion of his 79th birthday.

Record no. 29391. Date: 00-05-97 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 8

Nelson Mandela: kampioen der verzoening (Judith Versluis) – biografisch artikel over Nelson MANDELA en zijn betekenis voor Zuid-Afrika. [IQ, nr.2, mei 1997]

Record no. 28910. Date: 03-04-97 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 4

Mandela speaks: Selected speeches, statements and writings of Nelson Mandela – list of Nelson Mandela's speeches etc. from 1953 to March 1997 available from the ANC Internet website: www.anc.org.za/ancdocs/history

Record no. 27720. Date: 17-01-97 Source: Mail & Guardian, Vol.13 no.2 Page: 6

Wits loses Mandela: Maki MANDELA, Nelson Mandela's daughter, leaves Wits Univ. job for private sector.

Record no. 27026. Date: 24-12-96 Source: Mail & Guardian, Vol.12 no.52 Page: 4-5

How the politicians fared in 1996: annual M&G review of performance South African politicians, incl. Nelson MANDELA (president), Thabo MBEKI (vice-president), Kader ASMAL (min. of Water Affairs), etc.

Record no. 27505. Date: 17-12-96 Source: DOK. 11.1 Number of pages: 3

Water in the pipeline: feature on pipeline project to provide drinking water to the family home of president Nelson Mandela in Qunu (Eastern Cape), against background of drinking water situation in SA. [SAPA-IPS]

Record no. 27173. Date: 00-12-96 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 3

Zuid-Afrika's first lady in spe: portret van Graça MACHEL, weduwe van de verongelukte Mozambikaanse president Samora Machel en geliefde van de Zuidafrikaanse president Nelson Mandela.
[World Vervolgd, december 1996]

Record no. 27457. Date: 29-11-96 Source: New Nation, No.132 Page: 20

Short cut to a long walk: bookreview of "A long walk to freedom – Abridged edition", a simplified version of Nelson Mandela's autobiography.

Record no. 26638. Date: 15-11-96 Source: DOK. 5.2 Number of pages: 3

Vigorous debate between Mandela and media: debate between president Mandela a.o. ANC-leaders and South African journalists about the way the newspapers (esp. black journalists) are criticising the ANC and the SA government. [SAPA]

Record no. 25524. Date: 07-09-96 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 1

A surprise lovers' walk through Houghton + Mandela's romance – religious leaders have their say (both on relation between Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel; photographs). [Star]

Record no. 26418. Date: 00-09-96 Source: SA Review of Books, No.45 Page: 7/8

Colonial narratives and 'reconciliation': critical review by Ndavhe Ramakuela (University of the North) of "Goodbye Bafana. Nelson Mandela, My prisoner, my friend" by James Gregory with Bob Graham (Headline Book Publishing, London, 1995; 378 p.).

Record no. 26184. Date: 23-08-96 Source: New Nation, No.118 Page: 4

The Madiba magic: more books coming (on large and continuing number of biographical books about Nelson Mandela).

Record no. 24524. Date: 18-08-96 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 4

ANC Press statement on the plenary meeting of the National Executive Meeting of the ANC, 16-18/8/96: a.o. on announcement president Nelson Mandela that he will step down as ANC president in 1997.

Record no. 24049. Date: 19-07-96 Source: New Nation, no.113 Page: 8

The man: Fatima Meer (biographer of Nelson Mandela) on various aspects of the South African president.

Record no. 24423. Date: 14-07-96 Source: DOK. 9.3 Number of pages: 44

Sel. British newspaper art. 9-14/7/96 on the official state visit of South Africann president Nelson Mandela to England: reports on visit + comments on British political and economic relations with SA, the solidarity movement with the struggle against apartheid in England, Nelson Mandela's personal standard, etc
[Fin. Times, Guardian, Times, Independent, Daily Telegraph]

Record no. 24424. Date: 14-07-96 Source: DOK. 9.3 Number of pages: 2

We must follow his moral lead: Mandela has embraced capitalism so why is British business to timid about backing his vision with investment? – Antony Simpson, the President's official biographer, questions him about the tough issues behind the soft-focus coverage of his state visit. [Observer]

Record no. 24420. Date: 13-07-96 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 2

Still dancing after all these years: Nelson Mandela has transformed his UK visit from a formal celebration into a personal triumph – interview with president Mandela about situation in South Africa and esp. the efforts to attract foreign investment to the country. [Financial Times]

Record no. 24414. Date: 10-07-96 Source: DOK. 9.3 Number of pages: 4

Sel. SA newspaper art. 10/7/96 on the visit of president Nelson Mandela to England (incl. relations between South Africa and Britain and personal standard president Mandela). [Citizen, Sowetan]

Record no. 22991. Date: 19-04-96 Source: Mail & Guardian, Vol.12 no 16 Page: 6

All the president's escorts: short listing of the women escorting president Mandela when required at official occasions (two daughters of Winnie: Zinzi and Zenani, and his granddaughter, according to Xhosa custom, Rochelle Mtirara).

Record no. 23898. Date: 22-03-96 Source: New Nation, no.96 Page: 1+4

Mandela drama + Traumatised: report on the divorce between Nelson and Winnie Mandela.

Record no. 22273. Date: 22-03-96 Source: Mail & Guardian Vol.12, no.12 Page: 5

The president's masterful performance + Mandela vs Mandela + Winnie left empty-handed: reports on the divorce case between Nelson and Winnie MANDELA, incl. role media and Winnie's financial situation.

Record no. 22276. Date: 22-03-96 Source: Mail & Guardian Vol.12, no.12 Page: 8

How leaders will use their cash: income and spending of SAn president, Nelson MANDELA, and his two vice-presidents, Thabo MBEKI and FW. de KLERK (allocated resp. R21, R9 and R12 million).

Record no. 22641. Date: 19-03-96 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 14

Sel. art. from SAn newspapers 19-24/3/96 on the seperation court case between Nelson and Winnie MANDELA, incl. background on the history of their marriage, how it went wrong, details about the personal life of Winnie Mandela, etc. [Star, Beeld, Sunday Times]

Record no. 21783. Date: 15-03-96 Source: Mail & Guardian, Vol.12, no.11 Page: 6

'Everyone wants a piece of the president': brief look at (the making of) Mandela's agenda for a week.

Record no. 21556. Date: 08-03-96 Source: Mail & Guardian, Vol.12, no.10 Page: 4+6

"An inspiration to geriatrics": review of Nelson Mandela's health + ANC battles with issue of succession: no precise policy or consensus over succession Mandela within ANC, incl. speculations on handling the issue and chances main contenders T. Mbeki and C. Ramaphosa.

Record no. 23174. Date: 00-03-96 Source: Indicator SA, Vol.13, No.2 Page: 7-12

The Mandela personality cult (Heribert Adam): despite widespread adoration, President Nelson Mandela's glorification can be viewed as dangerous – His word carries so much weight that few dare criticise him and his presidency is displaying symptoms of autocracy; incl. perceptions among population of govt, etc.

Record no. 23175. Date: 00-03-96 Source: Indicator SA, Vol.13, No.2 Page: 13-18

The myth of the "Mandela" presidency (Robert Schrire): president Mandela is, in many respects, the least powerful head of government South Africa has ever had – democracy restrains the accumulation of power and Mandela is ultimately part of a strong team shaping policy and leadership; incl. role ANC in relation to the SAn government.

Record no. 22911. Date: 25-02-96 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 1

Don't praise me to damn the rest: Nelson MANDELA about his personal role as president of SA and the ANC, his mission to bring about reconciliation and his personal position within the collective leadership of the ANC (citing examples of himself changing ideas because of debates within the ANC). [Sunday Times]

Record no. 22188. Date: 00-02-96 Source: ViceVersa, jrg.30, nr.1 Page: 6-9

In search of an African renaissance: Liberating Nelson Mandela from the prison of South African politics – reflections on the role and way of thinking of African leaders by Cameron Duodu, following a recent interview with SA president Nelson Mandela.

Record no. 20562. Date: 00-01-96 Source: Southern Africa Report Page: 29-33

Reviewing Mandela's autobiography: reviews of "Long walk to freedom: the autobiography of Nelson Mandela", by Michael Valpy (negative) and David Cooke (positive).

Record no. 26943. Date: 00-01-96 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 9

Nelson Rolihlahla MANDELA – "Madiba": biographical profile. [http://www.anc.org.za/ancdocs/history]

Record no. 20685. Date: 22-12-95 Source: Mail and Guardian Page: 4-5+12

How well did the cabinet do this year?: assessment performance all individual cabinet members and Nelson Mandela. Incl. Thabo MBEKI, FW de KLERK, et al.

Record no. 20704. Date: 22-12-95 Source: Mail and Guardian Page: 7

A shirt for all seasons: photographs of the nine different shirts worn by Mandela at different occasions.

Record no. 21058. Date: 00-12-95 Source: DOK. 17 Page: 70/71

Vuka SA, Vol.1, No.2, 1995: a.o. The Madiba Freedom Museum – a tribute to our president and all South Africans (in Kempton Park).

Record no. 19969. Date: 24-11-95 Source: Mail & Guardian Page: 9

Mandela unlikely to sue former warder: acrimony over Mandela's former warden on Robben Island, James Gregory, dies down. Incl. issues which caused criticism on Gregory's story of Mandela's imprisonment.

Record no. 19842. Date: 00-11-95 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 4

Release Mandela! – Chapter from Joe Slovo's autobiography on the efforts to free Nelson Mandela during his trial in 1962. [Tribute]

Record no. 20928. Date: 08-10-95 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 2

Nelson and FW's troubled shotgun marriage: review of the tempestuous relationship between president Nelson MANDELA and NP-leader FW de KLERK over the past few years, incl. selected statements from both on each other, position NP etc. [Sunday Independent]

Record no. 17204. Date: 12-05-95 Source: Weekly Mail Page: 8-9

The people behind the Mandela machine: review of the persons at president Mandela's office and way of working of MANDELA. Incl. list of the president's men: Jakes GERWEL, Joel NETSHITENZSHE, N. Fink HAYSOM, Parks MANKAHLANA and Ahmad 'Kathy' KATHRADA.

Record no. 16944. Date: 00-05-95 Source: DOK. 7.4 Number of pages: 48

Africa Today (International Newsmagazine), Vol.1, No.1: articles on various African countries + special on South Africa, incl. int. president Mandela on his first year in govt and the political situation in SA in general (p.4-10) + the story of the secret negotiations that led to Mandela's release (by Allistair Sparks; p.13-20).

Record no. 17157. Date: 21-04-95 Source: Weekly Mail Page: 8-10

The longest honeymoon in history: assessment Govt of National Unity and individual ministers now one year in office. Incl.: Nelson Mandela president, Thabo Mbeki and F.W. de Klerk vice presidents, Kader Asmal water affairs/forestry, Sibisiu Bengu education, Buthelezi home affairs, Pik Botha minerals/energy affairs, etc.

Record no. 17137. Date: 13-04-95 Source: Weekly Mail, Suppl. Page: 6-7

The movers and the shakers: alphabetical guide to SAn political leaders (profiles and present status), incl.: Clarence Mlamli MAKWETU, Nelson R. MANDELA, Winnie MANDELA, Noel Chabani MANGANYI et al.

Record no. 16878. Date: 00-04-95 Source: DOK. 11.4 Page: 20-28

Southern African Decisions: art. mainly on economic subjects + Man behind the myth: int. with president Nelson Mandela about his ambitions for the new SA (p.20-28).

Record no. 17087. Date: 31-03-95 Source: Weekly Mail Page: 8/9

The loneliness of the world's best-loved head of state: general review isolated position N. Mandela in his family (following Winnie Mandela affair). + `You've downed a democrat, Mr President': W.Mandela's private secretary, A. Reynolds, criticises Mandela over handling his estranged wife.

Record no. 15701. Date: 13-02-95 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 1

Mandela's heirs also have their graces: K.Nyatsumba's opinion on succession of president Mandela. [Star]

Record no. 17398. Date: 00-01-95 Source: SA Review of Books, No.35 Page: 17

Bookreview of "Long walk to freedom: the Autobiography of Nelson Mandela", by former fellow-prisoner Andimba Toivo ya Toivo (incl. personal recollections from their prison years)

Record no. 15338. Date: 17-12-94 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 4

Grootvader des Vaderlands: interview Nelson MANDELA over o.a. ongeduld van zwarte bevolking over veranderingen, verzoening, enz. [Ph.van Niekerk; Volkskrant]

Record no. 14136. Date: 15-12-94 Source: New Nation Page: 12-13

Birth of armed wing: Fifth set of extracts from Nelson MANDELA's autobiography "Long walk to freedom" (on early 1960s).

Record no. 14133. Date: 09-12-94 Source: New Nation Page: 12-13

Fighting fire with fire: Fourth serialised excerpt from Nelson MANDELA's autobiography "Long walk to Freedom" (on early 1950s).

Record no. 14128. Date: 02-12-94 Source: New Nation Page: 16-17

Birth of the young lions: Third part of serial excerpted from Nelson MANDELA's autobiography "Long Walk to Freedom".

Record no. 15225. Date: 27-11-94 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 2

Mandela: the man and the mask – Richard Stengel (correspondent British Times) on his impression of Nelson MANDELA (character, sense of dignity and attitude to Englishness). [Sunday Times]

Record no. 14127. Date: 25-11-94 Source: New Nation Page: 14-15

Many rivers to cross: Second part of serial excerpted from Nelson MANDELA's autobiography "Long Walk to Freedom".

Record no. 13852. Date: 18-11-94 Source: New Nation Page: 6-7

Long walk to freedom: excerpt by T.Lodge of forthcoming autobiography of Nelson Mandela. Part 1 (childhood).

Record no. 15266. Date: 14-11-94 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 2

Afrikaans newspaper art. on the developments leading to Nelson MANDELA's release from prison and his relations with the NP govt then, and general on his life in jail. Based on Nelson Mandela's autobiography "Long walk to Freedom". [Beeld]

Record no. 13060. Date: 02-09-94 Source: Southscan Page: 248-249

Mandela's health adds to anxiety over fragile economic recovery: review SAn present economic state, incl. role Mandela (and his state of health).

Record no. 14410. Date: 17-08-94 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 2

Political correspondent Kaizer Nyatsumba recreates president Mandela's diary of his first 100 days in office (day-to-day account on Mandela's activities). [Star]

Record no. 12926. Date: 12-08-94 Source: Weekly Mail Page: 11

The first 100 days: Anthony Harber assesses first 100 days of new government; in general and on individual ministers, incl: a.o. Nelson Mandela (president).

Record no. 14376. Date: 27-07-94 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 3

Sel. SA newspaper art. 16-27/7/94 on the internal divisions among ANC political prisoners on Robben Island in the 1960s (esp. between Nelson Mandela and Govan Mbeki). [Beeld, S.Tribune, Weekend Star]

Record no. 14372. Date: 18-07-94 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 4

Happy birthday Mr President: special on 76th birthday of Pres. Nelson MANDELA, incl. main points of his inauguration speech, his interest in boxing, how he maintains his health, a biographical review etc. [Star]

Record no. 14363. Date: 00-07-94 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 26

A time to build...Addresses by Pres. Nelson Mandela at his inauguration (10/5/94; p.1-3), opening of parliament (14/5/94; p.7-18) + OAU meeting of heads of state and govt in Tunis (13-15/6/94; p.21-26).

Record no. 13904. Date: 00-06-94 Source: DOK. 4.1 / DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 9

Nelson Rolihlahla MANDELA – "Madiba": biographical portrait, profile and brief biographical note (mainly his role in the ANC and SAn politics since the 1940s).

Record no. 16665. Date: 00-06-94 Source: Leadership, Vol.13, No.2 Page: 8-18

A beacon for the world: interview with pres. Nelson MANDELA about the importance of family life, his personal expriencesand political beliefs, etc. (photographs)

Record no. 11400. Date: 13-05-94 Source: South Page: 5-7

Beginning of a new era: shortened speech Mandela on election victory on Grand Parade, Cape Town. + From Prisoner to President: pictural of Mandela's life.

Record no. 12518. Date: 13-05-94 Source: New Nation, Inauguration Suppl. Page: 3-5

A lifetime dedicated to the struggle for freedom + Serving the people: portrait of Nelson Mandela's road to presidency.+ A time to build and heal the wounds of the past: texts inauguration speech Mandela 10/5/94 and speech to Cape Town people 9/5/94 after election victory ANC in SA.

Record no. 12339. Date: 11-05-94 Source: DOK. 11.1 Number of pages: 26

"The rainbow covenant", a.o. sel. SAn newspaper art. on the inauguration ceremony of president Mandela, incl. text speech Mandela, reports celebrations, comments etc. [Star]

Record no. 12340. Date: 11-05-94 Source: DOK. 11.1 Number of pages: 36

"Welcome back South Africa", a.o. sel. SAn newspaper art. on the inauguration ceremony of president Mandela – (photo) reports, comments, congratulations etc. [Citizen, Sowetan, Beeld]

Record no. 12338. Date: 10-05-94 Source: DOK. 11.1 Number of pages: 30

"The world at Mandela's feet", a.o. sel. SAn newspaper art. on the inauguration ceremony of president Mandela, formation of new cabinet, final composition of the National Parliament + 'Inauguration Special' on the life and times of Madiba (Nelson MANDELA), history of struggle for democracy, congratulations etc. [Sowetan]

Record no. 12446. Date: 10-05-94 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 5

"Mandela: de legende is president", e.a. geselekteerde art. Nederlandse kranten over Nelson MANDELA (zijn politieke en persoonlijke geschiedenis. [Financieel Dagblad, Parool, Volkskrant]

Record no. 10865. Date: 27-03-94 Source: Sunday Nation, Suppl. Page: 1-3

New Nation-Engen Award: Man of the year (Nelson Mandela), businessmen of the year (Peter Wrighton of Premier Mines + Herman Mashaba of Black like Me, incl. profiles of latters).

Record no. 23459. Date: 00-03-94 Source: DOK. 11.4 Number of pages: 24

Forum with Nelson Mandela in Amsterdam, 18 February 1994 (org. Worldcom The Netherlands): report forum debate with Nelson Mandela on "doing business in SA" (7 p.) + text 5 speeches, incl. Dutch Min. for Foreign Trade Yvonne van Rooy (4 p.) + ANC-president Nelson Mandela on "how we will develop guarantees for consistency in economic developments" (4 p.).

Record no. 21923. Date: 19-02-94 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 2

Madiba! Nelson Mandela, een hedendaagse verlosser: reportage Peter van Nuijsenburg over de populariteit van ANC-president Nelson MANDELA onder de ZAse bevolking.

Record no. 10646. Date: 18-02-94 Source: DOK. 10.2B Number of pages: 16

Sel. Nederlandse krantenart. 6/1-18/2/94 over KZA/VARA tv-aktie t.b.v. verkiezingen ZA/ANC met o.a. ANC-president Nelson Mandela (zijn bezoek aan Nederland, kontakt regering, etc.).

Record no. 10630. Date: 12-02-94 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 3

Nelson Mandela terug op Robben Eiland: sel. Nederlandse krantenart. over bezoek Nelson MANDELA aan vroegere gevangenis op Robben Eiland met vnl. biografische details. [Volkskrant/Parool/NRC]

Record no. 21952. Date: 12-02-94 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 1

Nelson still sings praise to freedom: report on Nelson MANDELA's first visit to Robben Island after his release from prison. [Sunday Times]

Record no. 10370. Date: 00-01-94 Source: UN Notes & Documents, no. 2/94 Number of pages: 17

Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk awarded 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for momentous contribution to peaceful elimination of apartheid in SA (incl. statements N. MANDELA & F.W. DE KLERK).

Record no. 9849. Date: 12-12-93 Source: Sunday Nation Page: 1-3

Hail to the chief! Dawn of freedom: Mandela celebrates triumph over 500 years of colonialism – report Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo for Nelson MANDELA and FW de Klerk.

Record no. 9810. Date: 10-12-93 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 4

Acceptance speech of the President of the ANC, Nelson MANDELA, at the Nobel Peace Prize Award ceremony, Oslo, Norway, December 10, 1993.

Record no. 9499. Date: 00-12-93 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 92

VOGUE par Nelson Mandela – French magazine Vogue special on Nelson MANDELA: Six heures du matin (interview, p.150-3), Madiba, fils de chef (Mandela's youth, p.164-7), Les sens de la tribu (ethnic diversity in SA, p.154-63), l'Enfant metamorphose (SA initiation rites, p.168-71) + Cape Town septembre 1993 (visit Mandela to Cape Town, p.174-181); incl. many photo's + English translation.

Record no. 10190. Date: 28-11-93 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 3

From pink salmon to miners' pap: report on a day of election campaigning with ANC-president Nelson MANDELA (concentrating on his personal role). [Sunday Times]

Record no. 8924. Date: 12-11-93 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 1

ANC press statement on misinformation regarding Nelson Mandela at Howick: some historical facts on the arrest of Nelson Mandela in 1961 at Howick by the SAn police.

Record no. 9914. Date: 00-11-93 Source: SA Review of Books, No.28 Page: 9

Nobility of spirits: bookreview of "Nelson Mandela speaks. Forging a democratic, non-racial SA" (Pathfinder; 1993) – collection speeches Nelson MANDELA, Feb. 1990 - July 1993.

Record no. 8459. Date: 17-10-93 Source: Sunday Nation Page: 6+7

The Nobel Awards: Nelson Mandela on recieving the Nobel Prize for Peace, anger at FW's Nobel prize: reactions D.Tutu, N.Gordimer, PAC on FW de Klerk's Nobel Prize, 15-10-93.

Record no. 8399. Date: 15-10-93 Source: DOK. 9.1 Number of pages: 19

Art. Nederlandse kranten over toekenning Nobelprijs voor de Vrede aan Nelson Mandela en F.W. de Klerk, 15/10/93. [Intermediair, Volkskrant, Parool, NRC, Utr. Nieuwsblad, Fin. Dagblad]

Record no. 8773. Date: 15-10-93 Source: UN CaA, Notes & Documents, 10/93 Number of pages: 7

United Nations pays tribute to Nelson Mandela and FW.de Klerk on 1993 Nobel Peace Prize (statements by N. MANDELA; FW de KLERK; UN secr.gen.; pres. of general assembly; chairman Cttee against Apartheid).

Record no. 8148. Date: 24-09-93 Source: South Page: 12/13

Mandela Conquers the Cape: centrefold pictures of Nelson Mandela's visit to Cape Province hoping to increase local ANC support (a.o. with self-conscious youngsters).

Record no. 8122. Date: 14-09-93 Source: DOK. 15.2 / 20.1 Number of pages: 1

ANC president Nelson R. MANDELA to Recieve the Apostolic Humanitarian Award: General Council of the Lord of the Apostolic Faith bestows award on ANC president.

Record no. 7672. Date: 29-08-93 Source: Sunday Nation Page: 1/2

Mandela's grandson abducted: report on abduction and maltreatment Mandla MANDELA by taximen in Johannesburg.

Record no. 8592. Date: 17-07-93 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 3

Portretten van Nelson Mandela opgetekend ter gelegenheid van 75ste verjaardag (leiderschap, houding, relatie met binnen/buitenlandse politici, persoonlijkheid). [NRC, Leeuwarder Courant]

Record no. 7370. Date: 20-02-93 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 1

ANC press statement on the health of Nelson MANDELA.

Record no. 6489. Date: 13-11-92 Source: Weekly Mail Page: 12

Mandela's R9000 000 book nightmare (on problems around planned autobiography of Nelson MANDELA).

Record no. 5969. Date: 00-10-92 Source: Challenge, No.10 / DOK. 15.1 Page: 2-7

Challenge, No.10 (Institute for Contextual Theology): incl. art. on women priests in the Anglican Church in SA (p.2-5); interview with Nelson MANDELA about his faith and attitude to religions in SA (p.6-7).

Record no. 3584. Date: 00-05-92 Source: Anti-Apartheids Krant Page: 12

Nelson MANDELA over zijn scheiding: vertaling verklaring N.Mandela, 13 april 1992, over zijn scheiding van 'comrade' Nomzamo Winnie MANDELA.

Record no. 4573. Date: 25-04-92 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 5

Nelson en Winnie Mandela: de tragische liefdesrelatie van Nelson en Winnie MANDELA (Trouw) + Profiel Winnie MANDELA: moeder van de natie, illusie van de wereld (Trouw, 21/4/92) + Huwelijk Mandela's heeft nauwelijks bestaan (NRC, 14/4/92)

Record no. 4556. Date: 13-04-92 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 2

Statement by ANC-president Nelson MANDELA on the relationship with his wife, Winnie MANDELA (announcing their seperation).

Record no. 3362. Date: 19-10-91 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 4

Wolfie Kodesh, de man die Nelson Mandela liet onderduiken: int. ANC-aktivist Wolfie KODESH over zijn politieke geschiedenis, leven in ballingschap etc. en m.n. de periode in het verzet.

Record no. 1480. Date: 12-07-91 Source: Vrye Weekblad Page: 7-10

Ontmoet die ANC se nuwe leierskap: korte portretten van de 16 top-leiders van het ANC (na konf. in Durban) – o.a. Nelson MANDELA, Walter SISULU, Cyril RAMAPHOSA en Oliver TAMBO.

Record no. 1930. Date: 14-02-91 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 2

De zekerheid van een politikus die niet van deze wereld lijkt: politiek portret van Nelson MANDELA sinds zijn vrijlating tegen de achtergrond van ANC-beleid. [D.Niddrie; Forum]

Record no. 14806. Date: 00-12-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 4

Mandela, the man and the myth (Fatima Meer) – on political record and significance of Nelson MANDELA. [Monitor]

Record no. 35095. Date: 00-06-90 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 74

Nelson Mandela: Speeches 1990 – incl. speeches in Cape Town and Soweto after his release from prison untill May 1990.

Record no. 35096. Date: 23-05-90 Source: South Page: 8

Nelson Mandela: a symbol of liberation for Africa – on his recent visit to several African countries.

Record no. 35097. Date: 00-05-90 Source: Sechaba, May 1990 Page: 31/32

Book review (by Francis Meli) of 'Higher than hope – a biography of Nelson Mandela' by F. Meer.

Record no. 35098. Date: 17-04-90 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 40

Art. on the Nelson Mandela (Tribute to a free South Africa) concert in Wembley Stadium, 16/4/90, from British newspapers – incl. biographical data on Nelson Mandela.

Record no. 35099. Date: 00-04-90 Source: SAPEM, April 1990 Page: 54-59

Book review of 'Higher than hope: Authorised biography of Nelson Mandela' by Fatima Meer (revised edition 1990).

Record no. 35100. Date: 00-03-90 Source: Amandla, maart 1990 Page: 6-12

De vlaggen uit voor Mandela: activiteiten in Amsterdam na vrijlating Nelson Mandela en zijn internationale status (p.6/7) + Mandela gaat verder waar hij gebleven was: politiek portret Nelson Mandela (p.8-12).

Record no. 35147. Date: 00-03-90 Source: Krantenknipsels Number of pages: 200

Uitgebreide selectie Nederlandse krantenartikelen februari 1990 over (de activiteiten in heel Nederland rond) de vrijlating van Nelson Mandela (landelijke en m.n. regionale pers).

Record no. 35105. Date: 16-02-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 / Weekly Mail, 16-22/2/90 Number of pages: 28

Weekly Mail – Special souvenir suppl. on Nelson Mandela: his childhood in Transkei, his former wife, annec-dotes about Mandela from 1950s and 1960s, his life underground, the Mandela industry (T-shirts etc.), extracts from his Rivonia speech, his political role in prison and reactions to his release.

Record no. 35107. Date: 16-02-90 Source: New Nation, 16-22/2/90 Page: 3+8/9

Walter Sisulu and Andrew Mlangeni on their personal experiences with Nelson Mandela before and during their imprisonment on Robben Island (p.3) + Mandela – the world's most famous prisoner (list of awards and honours to Nelson Mandela internationally; p.8/9).

Record no. 35146. Date: 16-02-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 40

New Nation, 16-22/2/90 – Mandela's release commemmoration issue: incl. Raymond Suttner on the political implications of his release (p.4/5), FW was forced to release Mandela (p.7), congratulations from South Africa and internationally, etc. and biographical information on Nelson Mandela.

Record no. 35106. Date: 15-02-90 Source: South, 15-21/2/90 Page: 15-37

The Mandela story: Extracts from his biography 'Higher than hope' by Fatima Meer; on his mission to Africa and arrest in 1962 and life at Robben Island, incl. struggle by political prisoners + Mandela's childhood, political development and activities untill his conviction in court.

Record no. 35108. Date: 15-02-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 46

Mandela comes home: sel. SAn newspaper cuttings 12-15/2/90 on the release of Nelson Mandela, incl. biographical data on Mandela (p.28-37).

Record no. 35139. Date: 14-02-90 Source: Anti-Apartheidskrant/Groene Amsterdammer Number of pages: 8

Special n.a.v. vrijlating Nelson Mandela: o.a. interview Adriaan van Dis met Conny Braam over betekenis vrijlating, betrokkenheid Nederlandse diplomaat Coen Stork bij het Rivoniaproces in 1964 en interview met Zuid-Afrikaanse balling Vernie February over zijn droom om weer naar huis te gaan (ieder 1 p.).

Record no. 35142. Date: 14-02-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 8

The Indicator (Indian newpaper from Lenasia, Johannesburg), Vol.6, No.3 – souvenir supplement,
14-26/2/90: reports, celebrations and comments on the release of Nelson Mandela.

Record no. 35103. Date: 12-02-90 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 41

The New African: special on release Nelson Mandela, incl. political biography Mandela – the traditional chief who became the people's leader.

Record no. 35104. Date: 12-02-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 90

Sel. newspapers on the release of Nelson Mandela: reports, comments, implications, etc. + many biographical details; I. City Press, S.Star, S.Times, Argus; II. Star, Citizen; III. Cape Times, Argus, Star

Record no. 35140. Date: 12-02-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 6

Statements United Nations officials/organs on the release of Nelson Mandela (President General Assembly, Secretary General, Special Committee against Apartheid).

Record no. 35112. Date: 06-02-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 32

Star-suppl. on Nelson Mandela: I – The road to freedom (his early years and climb to ANC-leadership, first wife Evelyn, marriage with Winnie); II – The Rivonia Trial (report and recollections, statement in court, conviction, etc.); III – Life on the Island (visitors and ex-prisoners on conditions on Robben Island); IV – Last years in prison and release.

Record no. 35111. Date: 02-02-90 Source: SA Barometer Page: 6-8

Profile Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

Record no. 35141. Date: 02-02-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 15

Sel. British newspaper art. 15/1-2/2/90 on the expected release of Nelson Mandela.

Record no. 294. Date: 01-02-90 Source: Anti-Apartheidskrant Page: 4

Mandela houdt aandacht al kwart eeuw gevangen (aktiviteiten voor zijn vrijlating in Nederland sinds jaren zestig)

Record no. 35144. Date: 31-01-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 3

Nelson Mandela begint danig op de zenuwen te werken (Rudi Boon over de politieke ontwikkelingen rond zijn vrijlating) + De politieke verlangens van Nelson Mandela (tekst memorandum Mandela aan Zuid-Afrikaanse president P.W.Botha uit juli 1989; 2 p.). [Groene Amsterdammer]

Record no. 35143. Date: 28-01-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 3

Free in a larger prison: Andre Brink sees Mandela's release as De Klerk's last bid for time to cement power – and as the start of change. [The Independent on Sunday]

Record no. 35109. Date: 25-01-90 Source: South, 25-31/1/90 Page: 19

Mandela the host: Maxwell Moss recalls highlights of visit by SAYCO-delegation to Nelson Mandela at the Victor Verster Prison.

Record no. 35145. Date: 20-01-90 Source: DOK. 20.1 Number of pages: 14

Nelson Mandela International Reception Committee (London) – IRC News 1:incl. reports on establishment National Reception Committees, text international appeal, activities for the release of Nelson Mandela and all political prisoners, etc.

Record no. 35110. Date: 00-01-90 Source: DOK. 4.1 Number of pages: 12

Memorandum Nelson Mandela to president P.W.Botha (July 1989) with his negotiations-proposal, his political positions, etc. + introduction by the ANC on the role of Mandela.

Record no. 35114. Date: 03-09-89 Source: South, 3-9/8/89 Page: 12+21

Open letter to Nelson Mandela by his close friend A.Cachalia on what happened with places and people in Johannesburg in his 28 years in prison.

Record no. 35113. Date: 00-09-89 Source: DOK. 15.1 Number of pages: 40

Inter Nos (SACBC), No.2: a.o. tributes to Archbishop Gregory Naidoo (p.8-11), Archbishop Denis Hurley (p.14-16) and Nelson Mandela: legend knocking on our door (p.28/29).

Record no. 35115. Date: 20-07-89 Source: South, 20-26/7/89 Page: 1+8+17

Nelson Mandela's 71st birthday brings for the first time (grand)children from his first marriage to the fore + his political record since the 1940s.

Record no. 35116. Date: 14-07-89 Source: Vrye Weekblad / DOK. 20.1 Page: 1/2+10-13

Mandela: Die man op wie die wereld wag – review developments around the expected release of Nelson Mandela, incl. series of statements about him and photographs of him now and in the 1950s.

Record no. 35119. Date: 00-04-89 Source: Die Suid-Afrikaan, april 1989 Page: 40-43+46

The man, the woman and the legend – political profiles of Nelson and Winnie Mandela (biographies by Fatima Meer) + Mandela as martelaar.

Record no. 35122. Date: 08-08-88 Source: South, 8-14/9/88 Page: 10/11

Mandela's rare moments: extracts from biographical book by Fatima Meer on Nelson Mandela + art. on his grandson Mandla.

Record no. 35120. Date: 00-08-88 Source: Asia & Africa Today, 5/88 Page: 52-56

Nelson Mandela: political profile on occasion of his 70th birthday.

Record no. 35121. Date: 00-08-88 Source: Saamstaan, August 1988 Page: 36

The struggle is my life: political profile of Nelson Mandela on occasion of his 70th birthday.

Record no. 35123. Date: 21-07-88 Source: New Nation, 21-27/7/88 Page: 4/5

Overview congratulations and activities around 70th birthday Nelson Mandela in and outside South Africa (o.a. by AABN).

Record no. 35124. Date: 14-07-88 Source: New Nation, 14-20/7/88 Page: 1+4-7 ev

Congratulations to Nelson Mandela for his 70th birthday + art. on his role and significance + various campaigns and activities in South Africa and internationally.

Record no. 35126. Date: 00-06-88 Source: Amandla, juni/juli 1988 Page: 12/13

Interview met ANC-vert. Kuman Sanjay over (zijn ontmoetingen met) Nelson Mandela.

Record no. 35127. Date: 00-06-88 Source: Zuidelijk Afrika Nieuws, 151 Page: 8-12

'The King' – portret Nelson Mandela, incl. zijn betekenis in Zuid-Afrika nu.

Record no. 35125. Date: 00-04-88 Source: Dawn, No.1, 1988 Page: 16-22

Tribute to Nelson Mandela, incl. personal recollections of him by Steve Tshwete and Joe Modise.
(Official organ Umkhonto we Sizwe, ANC)

Record no. 35128. Date: 00-12-87 Source: Learn and Teach, No.6, 1987 Page: 20-23

Life history of Nelson Mandela (continued): on years 1952 – 1964.

Record no. 35129. Date: 00-10-87 Source: Learn and Teach, No.5, 1987 Page: 1-4

Life history of Nelson Mandela (part 1).

Record no. 35130. Date: 07-08-87 Source: Weekly Mail, 7-13/8/87 Page: 1/2

Mandela today: experience black journalist and ex-political prisoner with Nelson Mandela at Robben Island (1980-1983).

Record no. 35137. Date: 00-07-86 Source: African Communist, No.106 Page: 92-98

Bookreviews, a.o. of biography on Nelson Mandela by Mary Benson.

Record no. 35136. Date: 00-05-86 Source: Amandla, mei 1986 Page: 16

Boekbespreking van biografie over Nelson Mandela door Mary Benson.

Record no. 35138. Date: 00-03-83 Source: Sechaba, March 1983 Page: 11-14

Recollections of Nelson Mandela, part 1: the first explosions (recollections by an ANC veteran).
Part 2: Sechaba, April 1983, p.25-29; Part 3: Sechaba, May 1983, p.29-31